In 1985, working out of a back-porch sunroom, BC Consultants set out to be the premier land development design firm in Northern Virginia.

We’ve spent the last 32 years earning respect from our clients, leaving our fingerprints on a wide variety of residential, commercial, education, public and institutional projects throughout the Northern Virginia. 

We combine the imagination of a national landscape design firm with the local “nuts and bolts” knowledge and experience of a traditional civil engineering practice.

This gives our clients extremely creative land planning that works: it can be engineered, approved and built affordably and on schedule in each jurisdiction.

Our Services


We help our clients generate feasible alternatives for the utilization of land.  These projects include planned communities, shopping centers, and office parks. 

All projects are designed in concert with their natural surroundings by our licensed landscape architects.


Our skilled engineers help clients with detailed technical design for a wide variety of residential, commercial, education and public land development projects.

We maximize the utility and efficiency of each site, while taking into account the needs of our clients and the ultimate end user.


Our land surveyors help clients with the data collection, technical computing, legal document preparation, and construction stakeout required for any land development project. 

BC's surveyors are technically capable, providing seamless integration of project data from initial field surveys through design, construction, and as-built.